Moa Alskog born in Umeå SE lives and works in Copenhagen DK.

She tell stories using installation, text, textile and video and has a special interest in the relation between man and nature, the mind, body and language.

At the moment she reads John Berger’s Why Look at Animals, Den Poetiska Eddan, Roy Scranton’s Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, Per Esben Stoknes and Jorgen Randers’s What We Think of When We Try not to Think About Global Warming, Thoreau’s Walden, Hiromi Ito’s Wild Grass upon a Riverbank, the Bible, Jonna Bornemark’s Det omätbaras renässans, Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble.         She reads about beastiaries, plant perception, metaphors and storytelling.                                             She looks at Alina Szapocznikow and draws frogs.